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September 2020 Letter from our President

September 02, 2020 | Blog

Hurricane Laura is the fifth strongest storm to make landfall in the United States in recorded history and the first in memory to maintain major hurricane strength as it traveled through Louisiana, bringing catastrophic destruction to many in the Louisiana and Texas area. We in the Gulf Coast are of course used to natural disasters and finds ourselves in the path of powerful storms several times each year. We are of course always praying they we are fortunate enough to be spared from destruction but that does mean that others will not be so lucky. We all know someone who has been impacted by Hurricane Laura and as we have all experienced, cleanup and recovery is not a quick nor easy process. Supplies become limited very quickly and it is now our time to give back. UDI would like to do our part to help in whatever way we can. We will be starting a collection drive to help provide supplies to those affected at UDI’s main office.  We will be collecting supplies such as tarps, bug spray/killer, work gloves, cleaning supplies (trash bags, mold killer, etc.) clothing, and anything else that may be of value to those affected. Donations can be made at 1312 Distributors Row New Orleans, LA 70123.

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