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Network Availability is CrucialWe Assess, Design, Implement & Manage A Highly Effective Network.

Your entire infrastructure plays an ever-increasing role in today’s business. It runs the applications that drive the business forward, secures critical information and assets, strengthens customer relationships through enhanced communications, and ensures efficiency and agility. With UDI, infrastructure support starts with the analysis/audit of your current systems. From design to support to comprehensive managed services, UDI is your networking partner of choice.


Wondering how to save costs on Network Infrastructure and yet ensure a dynamic network with rapid and secure data transfer? Equip yourself to decide which solutions will work best for you. Know what you can expect from your Network Services partner. Ask questions. Make the right choice.

Together We Can Build IT!

These days it isn’t a question of whether or not you need a mobile workforce – it’s a question of how you’re going to implement and manage it. With UDI, you can streamline your entire mobile business practice, from operating system to mobile device management. Our team ensure your devices are ready to go when you open the box, and easy to manage when they’re out in the field. We help you select, deploy and manage every piece of your environment.

Wired Networks

Routers and switches are the fundamental components of a smooth-running network. Any business needs a routing and switching foundation to serve as the backbone for both wired and wireless networks and should be highly available, redundant and efficient in order for your employees to be productive. UDI can help assess, design, implement and manage a your network. Our deep bench of technical expertise is unsurpassed.

Wireless Networks

Data networks and Internet connectivity have revolutionized the face of computing. Today, users and devices across the world connect and communicate as if they were in the same room. There are a wealth of new opportunities to be had with this type of connectivity but setting up and maintaining a reliable, secure data network entails extensive work and expertise.

UDI turns your network into an added value asset that helps you be more productive. Our professional technicians design and install Wi-Fi network services and mobility solutions based on your needs, goals and IT budget. Plus, we provide your IT team with best practices for usage and offer 24/7/365 managed technical support.

SD-WAN Optimization

New networking technologies offer enterprises the opportunity to transform their networks from the destination-based model of the past to a flexible approach optimized for modern applications. Today’s SD-WAN technology allows the adoption of transport independence, intelligent path control, network optimization and secure connectivity options designed to support modern use cases.  Whether it’s over the WAN or in the LAN, efficient application performance is a hallmark of any well-designed network.

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