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UDI understands that government and public sector agencies use network communications including VoIP and other IP-based solutions to accelerate decision-making, improve service effectiveness, and to protect citizens. In addition to the obvious 24×7 requirements of public safety and EMS departments, more local governments are providing 24 hour services to citizens and always-on access for teleworkers and mobile end users. UDI helps governments and public agencies strengthen their IT infrastructures, improve productivity, control costs and generate a positive return on investments in information technology.

UDI’s Managed IT and IT Security services help government and public sector agencies find comfort in a fixed, known, affordable budget, gain access to experienced staff with a wide range of skill sets, and protects vital data against unauthorized access. UDI can also assist with procurement strategies leveraging manufacture channels specific to the needs of the government market.

IT Solutions for Government Agencies:


Security breaches have become so commonplace that “when” has replaced “if” in the language of preparation for the next one. Since the average cost of a breach has risen to almost $4 million, your wallet (and your reputation) can’t afford it, we believe the best way to ensure your IT Security posture remains strong is to be proactive. We help you address your organization’s current security, acquire a successful security design and seamlessly adopt a security solution that fits your needs. Once in place, we can help continue to monitor your security position and recommend corrective action, when necessary. We can even train your employees so they act as another security layer in your network.

Security Training

The Public Sector continues to cope with different problems, but all have employees as the weak link in their IT security. The challenges of creating and running an awareness program vary depending on the amount of employees. We can manage the training and awareness of your business to meet regulatory compliance needs and protect your business from a costly data breach.

Digital Workspace

As the Public Sector begins to move towards a digital workspace, UDI’s experts can assist! We boast deep knowledge and years of experience in the areas of mobility, collaboration, Internet of Things, security and cloud. We partner with the most relevant solutions to provide you with a wide array of digital workspace solutions. Our experienced professionals are certified and accredited through our partnerships to ensure the highest levels of knowledge and solution expertise.

IT Consulting

It’s no secret that information technology is a complex field – and yet in the Public Sector, productivity and stability hinges on what IT decisions you make next. At UDI, we act as a member of your team, to understand your organizational needs, and advise you on solutions to maximize everyday operations. We understand the specific needs of Government agencies, and we’re ready to help you meet your goals through the power of cutting-edge technology.

Backup & Recovery

The traditional way of preparing for disaster recovery (DR) — by physically moving data off-site on tapes — is already old-fashioned. Cloud-based DR provides a number of advantages over the traditional approach. It allows you to save with a pay-as-you-go model, use a functionally unlimited storage capacity and get the flexibility of the cloud. At the same time, integration of the cloud in your off-site backup and recovery solution brings up new challenges that you need to address. You need to conduct business with complete confidence. UDI offers solutions to make sure you always have the IT backup solutions and data recovery plans in place to guarantee continuity after a natural or manmade disaster.

Managed Service

Our Managed Services portfolio offers more than just extra hands and bodies. We provide you with years of knowledge and the most up-to-date technical solutions available. We provide 24/7/365 support – end-user support, Help Desk support and support with fixing nagging issues that pull valuable resources off important projects. Finally, we provide customer service that guarantees your satisfaction. With UDI, you can leverage the latest technology with fewer headaches and less overhead. This means more time and manpower to focus on your strategic goals, and a larger return on your IT investment.

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