Data Center

Your current data center could be holding you back more than you realize. Our Data Center experts can assess your environment, architect, deploy your solution and manage it throughout its lifecycle. Because with a flexible, resilient and efficient data center, you can support flexibility, resiliency, and efficiency throughout your organization.

Universal Cloud

UDI’s Cisco Powered cloud infrastructure solutions offer flexibility and scalability to enable you to quickly adapt to business growth. Cloud benefits can also aid your organization in meetings compliance standards that are otherwise impossible to satisfy. We will either select your primary datacenter based on availability, or you can request a specific data center site. Adding availability or retention options can help you achieve the recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) you need.


Companies demand reliable storage that can serve as a data warehouse for upper-layer applications and provide high-performance resource utilization and management. To help customers meet IT challenges with ease, UDI’s IT Infrastructure Storage Solutions leverage intelligent and converged storage features, open architecture, and proven integrated system design. Plus, they support a wide variety of platforms, applications, and industries while offering full lifecycle data management, online storage, data retention, and Big Data analysis.

Converged Infrastructure

Need a streamlined solution that’s prepared for the future? To help you truly optimize, we bring you all the hardware and software you need to build a converged data center environment, plus the strategy needed for a well-integrated solution. Hyperconverged appliances can tightly integrate compute, storage, networking and virtualization into a single, flexible modular appliance.


Server Virtualization is the foundation of the cloud, allowing one physical server to be split into many virtual servers. UDI solves all the challenges of seamless workload mobility today, by partnering with Zerto. The simplest solution for disaster recovery also makes it the simplest solution for migrating VMs, servers, mission-critical applications, and large data sets. Zerto can migrate hundreds of VMs simultaneously saving significant time in migration projects by moving large data sets and VMs quickly and efficiently.

Free Network Assessment