Are you afraid of the Cloud? We got you covered! We offer safe, fast and dependable cloud services to run your business efficiently from any device, anywhere, anytime.

By utilizing offsite equipment, you do not need to purchase or install costly gateways or hard-to-manage servers, without eliminating enterprise features. When a call is placed to a number instead of being routed directly to the called number, the call is routed into the offsite hosted voice system. This offers you the possibility to work from anywhere and sets a predictable monthly investment.

Not backing up your business information opens the door to liabilities and huge losses in time, revenues and reputation. UDI combines market leadership in storage solutions services with simple, secure and affordable options so you enjoy worry-free backup, to ensure your data is always available and protected.

Why have your email in the cloud? Office 365 provides cloud delivery of all the Microsoft Office applications including Email, Calendar, Contacts, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.  Microsoft has successfully built a complete business cloud platform including file sharing, video conferencing and storage all available for a low monthly fee with option for annual agreements. Empower your workforce to work from any device, anywhere, anytime.

No company today, no matter what size, industry or location, is immune to a cyber-attack. Attacks are increasing in both volume and intensity on a global scale. Cloud security solutions provide the most up-to-date protection by utilizing the ability to push critical real time updates to all devices on the network. We provide a variety of Cloud security solutions from multiple providers. Options can be as granular as content filtering and end-point security, or as robust as threat prevention architecture.

USync File Sharing allows the mobile worker to securely access and share files wherever they go, on any device. Access can happen from laptops, tablets and phones, as employee content and corporate data is synced on the fly. Team Shares streamline file changes, ensuring that teams have real-time access to the most recent file versions.

Moving your infrastructure to the cloud requires a complete assessment of your compliance needs, and future growth plans. Successful solutions must include sufficient: application delivery and performance, security, remote access, bandwidth and storage. We offer Hybrid, Public or Private Cloud infrastructure solutions from multiple data centers across the country.

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